7 reasons ESCORTs

love their job


the money

What would you do with $400 tonight? Tired of your retail job making $17/hour? Want cash in hand right now?

Whatever you’re craving, whatever you’re saving, this will turn tomorrow into today.

As a sex-worker, you set your own rate. We know the market and help you find place. You keep 60% of what we charge. For example, if the full-service rate is $250 an hour, you make $150. In one hour! That’s boss money!

it’s FREE

Like a good Hollywood agent, we only make money when you make money. Promoting you comes out of our fees, not yours. We pay for the advertising, the marketing, the premises, the overhead, the cars, the gas. There are no room rental costs, no towel fees, nothing. We even provide the condoms and other tools of the trade. All you have to do is show up! It’s that easy.

it’s FUN!

Amazing women will inspire you. Charming men will spoil you. Nothing builds self-esteem like bringing joy to others. You’ve never had coworkers this much fun. Success in this business is about connecting. It’s a chance to put down the phone and lock eyes, log off and turn on, jump into life and all it has to offer. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel, and you’ll learn what it really means when someone ‘likes’ you. It’s a chance to be yourself, without judgement, free from the strings of society, in a safe and supportive space.

it’s private

We have ''Discreet” in our name for a reason. We don’t keep records of your personal information. As an independent contractor, you control your brand. We don’t use your name or image without your written permission. You decide what gets released, and you decide when it comes down.

it’s 100% legal

In New Zealand, sex work is 100% legal. Sex workers are independent contractors, and we are a licensed brothel. In fact, we’re on a mission to make sex work more professional, more respected, and more mainstream. That means taking good care of you and your expectations. So relax, have fun, and make money.

it’s safer than you think

Sex work in New Zealand is safer than most anywhere else in the world. Because it is legal, there isn't the criminal element you see in the movies. We hold ourselves to high professional standards, and we expect our clients to be gentlemen. The ones who aren't - the police will help you sort it!

As a professional standard, we insist on using prophylactics for all sex work. That means condoms and dental dams at a minimum. As a result, on average, NZ prostitutes are 15% less likely to have sexually transmitted diseases than the average woman!

You’re not alone. When you work off-site, on out-call, one of our staff will always drive you, escort you to the door, and inspect the interior of the premises. After leaving, we stay nearby. We even pick you up when you're done, so both you and the client know there is someone watching out for you. Even if we think everything is good, but you don't feel right, you can always walk away.

If you're happy, we're happy.

you decide your comfort level

Your time, your comfort level, your call. You can work as much or as little as you want. We work with you to develop your schedule. All we ask is that you show up to the time you commit to (duh).

We have a wide range of services, and everyone is different. From the Girlfriend Experience with its innocent flirting to massages with happy endings to full-service and beyond, whatever your boundaries you’ll never have to leave your comfort zone.

you can start now!

We’ll want to meet you! We’ll meet for a coffee and chat. We want to know what’s best about you, learn your strengths, answer any questions you have, and make you feel comfortable. We can even offer training and guidance based on your level of experience. When you’re ready to start, we have a place for you.

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